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Murrelektronik product selectors & configurators

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Global excellence in decentralization
Murrelektronik is an internationally operating, family-owned company in the automation technology industry with over 3000 employees. Our mission is to optimize machine and plant installations, increasing our customer’s competitive advantage. Decentralization is our specialty. We focus on strengthening the connection between the control cabinet and the sensors and actuators in both machines and systems with proven concepts and technologies.
Our high-quality, innovative products and focus on market requirements sets Murrelektronik apart from the crowd. Our customer-oriented approach ensures our tailored solutions make your applications better.

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1. Automation cabinets electronics

2. Connectivity for automation

1.1 Auxiliary power supply units

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Murrelektronik views power management as the starting point for machine efficiency. Power conditioning, properly sized power supplies, current monitoring, redundancy and energy savings are all considered when we assemble a solution for our partners. The combined technologies offered by Murrelektronik help you to achieve a solution tailored to your application, your budget and your peace of mind.
There are two ways to select a power supply unit from Murrelektronik:

1.1.1 Direct access to popular PSUs

1.1.2 Select PSUs by rated power

2.1 Automation cordsets

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Murrelektronik is a leading supplier of cordsets. With over 30,000 combinations to choose from, we can help you find the right cordset for your application. Our standard products are available by the piece in your choice of three jacket colors, five cable types and lengths from .1 to 100m.
There are three ways to select a cordset from Murrelektronik: